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  • Oil Cooler Kit 30-rows 260x235x50 AN10 black

The Symbol : CN-OC-012
Oil filter adapter
Feed line AN10
Return line AN10
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Complete oil cooler set.

The radiator guarantees a lower oil temperature in the engine. With heavier engines, this is a necessary element and guarantees longer life and trouble-free operation. The product is recommended for people who like driving at high speeds, in such cases the oil in the engine reaches too high temperature, and the standard system does not guarantee proper cooling.

Set contains:

AN10 30-row oil cooler
AN10 return hose (optional):
  90cm - additional PLN 25
  120cm - additional PLN 50
  150cm - extra PLN 80
Oil hose AN10 150cm
Stand for AN10 oil filter
Adapter (1 pc. To choose)
  3 / 4-16 (UNF)

Radiator data:

Thread: AN10
Core dimensions: 260x235x50mm
Total dimension: 330x235x50mm

Cable data:

Material: teflon
Braid: stainless steel
Temperature: max. 230 ° C
Pressure: max 60BAR

In the notes to purchase, please specify the length of the hoses and what type of adapter we should attach.