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The Symbol : MG-IC-535
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TurboWorks intercoolers are characterized by excellent air flow. We guarantee very good durability and great cooling. They perfectly replace serial intercoolers, increasing the car's performance.

Our intercoolers were one of the few tested over 10 bars.

Dimensions of the intercooler: 780x300x100mm

Core dimensions: 600x300x100mm

Outer diameter of the input: 4 "(inches)

TurboWorks intercoolers have an efficient COOL-TEC + core, walls made of the highest quality polished aluminum.

Other cores have less frequently arranged ribs, resulting in poor cooling, while COOL-TEC + cores are made of finer coarsely laid ribs, which guarantees a significant improvement in cooling. Powder coated.



In the picture below you can see how the new COOL-TEC + core is built