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  • High performance disc 240mm 9,25" 23x29-10N BMW E36 M3 M50 M52 M54

The Symbol : PM-DC-004
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sintered high-performance clutch disc (0-1) 240mm 9,25" with 23x29-10N spline BMW E36 M3 M50 M52 M54 


spline: 23x29-10N

number of teeth: 10

outer diameter: 240mm 9,25"

sinters: MIBA


Dedicated to the BMW gearbox:

  • BMW E36 M3 6-speed Getrag 420 TBAB
  • BMW S5D-320 ZF-320 / M52 / M54 / E36 M3 5-SPEED
  • BMW S5D-310 ZF-310 / M50
  • BMW S5D-310 ZF-310 / M50

Quality confirmed by ISO certificate Made in EU