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TurboWorks forged connecting rods for OPEL C20LET, C20XE, Z20LET, Y20LET engine mounted in Opel Calibra, Astra GSI etc.

The set does not contain assembly screws and grease. You can buy them separately, after choosing an option from the drop-down menu above the price of the product.

Center to Center Length Big End Bore Big End Width Small End Bore Small End Width
143mm 51.99mm 26.30mm 21mm 21.89mm

Connecting rods designed in H-Beam technology, allow to transfer power exceeding 200 HP / Cylinder.
They are made of the highest quality forged AISI 4340 steel (En24). Hardness HRC 35-38.
All forgings are degassed and X-rayed to detect all potential material defects.
Then, they undergo heat treatment, sliding and honing to achieve high strength and maximum accuracy.