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  • Exhaust manifold Alfa Romeo 155 2.0

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Exhaust collector designed for:

  • Alfa Romeo 155 2.0 Q4

TurboWorks exhaust collector, 100% stainless steel.

Guaranteed power increase to 10%.

When tuning the engine, the exhaust manifold should be replaced at the very beginning, because the exhaust fumes, embossed from the cylinder, are just in the exhaust manifold, which is part of the engine body, then they are directed to the first section of the exhaust pipe, then to the silencer, or several serially located silencers and then to the outlet part of the exhaust pipe.

The kit consists of a set of seals.

Falange turbo T25

We provide 24 months warranty on the product.


In our offer we also have lambda probe adapters that eliminate the catalyst error.


Additional accessories are also available for exhaust collectors:



Lambda probe adapters Thermal tapes Copper nuts