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Exhaust manifold designed for:

  • Audi 1.8T K04
  • Seat 1.8T K04
  • VW 1.8T K04


  • Outlet diameter (internal): 40mm
  • Exhaust duct diameter (internal): 35mm

The TurboWorks exhaust manifold is made of 100% stainless steel.

When performing engine tuning, the exhaust manifold should be replaced at the very beginning, because the exhaust gases from the cylinder go to the exhaust manifold, which is part of the engine body, then directed to the first section of the exhaust pipe, and then to the muffler or several in series silencers and then to the exhaust tailpipe.

On some engine versions, it may be required to grind the flange to match the crease on the head.

The kit includes a set of gaskets.

The product comes with 24 months warranty.

We also offer lambda probe adapters that eliminate the catalyst error.