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  • Downpipe Mercedes Benz AMG GT GTS S/C/R 2012+ Heat Shield

The Symbol : MG-DP-151
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Downpipe designed to:

  • AMG GT MY2015+
  • AMG GT MY2016-2017 Pre-FaceLift
  • AMG GT S MY2015-2017 Pre-FaceLift
  • AMG GT MY2018+ FaceLift
  • AMG GT S MY2018+ FaceLift
  • AMG GT C MY2018+
  • AMG GT R MY2018+

TurboWorks downpipe, is made of 100% stainless steel.

  • Inlet diameter: 100mm (measured by flanza)
  • Outlet diameter: 68mm
  • Downpipe diameter: 70mm

The downpipe has a thermal shield.