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The Symbol : MG-IC-173
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Charge pipe + boost pipe dedicated for the make and model given in the item name.

The kit contains all the necessary elements needed for assembly in the car.

The whole is made very carefully and accurately, the elements are welded by TIG method, T-6061 Aluminum.

The kit includes silicone connectors and clamps needed for assembly

Have you experienced a blown factory pipe or simply looking to upgrade? The OEM chargepipe manufactured from plastic are not built to withstand the extra boost for faster acceleration, and thus will crack especially with the use of Tunes. But don't let this limit your riding experience! The chargepipe upgrade for the BMW F80 F82 M3 M4 (S55) is designed from a lightweight; durable aluminium body will ensure long-term performance, and a more responsive throttle whilst also reducing turbo lag. This replacement is also beneficial for those who simply want to ensure the long-term health of their machine, and cars with high mileage are especially at risk of the factory pipe cracking from wear and tear.

This kit contains all the necessary parts to upgrade your chargepipe system; and also supports the use of Methanol Injection with the 1/8" Meth Bungs included for those who currently use or wish to in future. The chargepipe comes with a CNC machined flange which provides OEM compatibility thus no additional modifications are needed for the upgrade. Avoid blow-out and have peace of mind with the purchase of this Aluminium chargepipe and Turbo to Intercooler Pipe.

Suitable for:

  • 2 series F87 M2 Competition LCI   (10/2016 — 08/2018)
  • 3 series F80 M3 (04/2012 — 06/2015)
  • 3 series F80 M3 LCI (01/2015 — 08/2018)
  • 4 series F82 M4 (02/2013 — 02/2017)
  • 4 series F82 M4 LCI (05/2016 — 08/2018)
  • 4 series F83 M4 (06/2013 — 02/2017)
  • 4 series F83 M4 LCI (05/2016 — 08/2018)